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Nowdays mobile apps are omni present in the market, get out of the box and make your own Android app.

Native Controls

Your app will be designed by using native interface elements.

Full support

VR Com really care about you and your business, satisfaction is guaranteed


MVP Strategy

VR Com will deliver in less than a month a Minimum Viable Product .

High Performance

We do High performance coding then host in high performance environment

We offer you free brand logo and free buisness card

You will benefit from a professional logo.
that will be present in the website and printed in your 150 free professional business cards

We do Awesome Designs !

Go for The Android Mobile Pack and start see awesome results

Not convinced? There’s more:

Native controls

Our team designs and realizes your mobile applications using native Android UI elements.

UX Optimized

Our combined experience will give your business first exposer to a realistic UX so you can see for yourself what your customer base need to be stimulated.

150 free Business cards

We offer you tailored well designed business cards, with all your information in, including logo and the URL to your website.

App documentation

A "How to use it" manual will be delivred with your application.

Go for The Android Mobile Pack and start see awesome results

What are you waiting for ?

Mobile Android pack

By choosing Android Mobile Pack you will get

Android application

Native UI

Optimised UX

App documentation

Upload to Google Play Store

Full support

Free logo

150 Buisness cards

and so much more...